Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

In The Games Of Madness: Editors are out
"The editor tools for Amnesia: The Dark Descent are out. These are the same tools that we used the create the game, so at a minimum you will be able to do all that is done in the game."

Good Game: Freeplay Independent Games Festival
"The Freeplay Independent Games Festival was held in Melbourne earlier this month to celebrate and encourage the work of our independent developers, so we went along to find out more."

GameSetWatch: Spelunky x Super Meat Boy Comic, a Meating of the Minds
"Fashioned out of clay and snapshots, it's a brief comic at just a dozen panels with no discernable storyline relevant to either game. There's lots of cartoon violence and blood -- clay blood, but it's spewing."

Experimental Game Dev Podcast: Andy Moore Discusses His Hit Game Steam Birds
"Andy Moore, developer of Steam Birds, talks about how he transformed a below-average flash game into a success."

Alternative Magazine Online: In conversation with Eufloria co-creator Rudolf Kremers
"We caught up with Rudolf Kremers to discuss the future of his studio Omni Systems Limited, Eufloria’s pending PSN reboot in 2011 and life as a full-time indie game developer." Status Update
"I'm currently working on a game for Adult Swim which is taking up most of my time. In a week or so I'll be traveling to Texas, to attend Fantastic Arcade and make a presentation about Norrland. I'm also going to try to finish a demo version of Life/Death/Island for IGF if I have the time."