Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Sophie Houlden: Ludum Dare 18 Timelapse
"A little late in uploading the timelapse for my Ludum Dare 18 submission Fib, but I’ve not made a video with quite so much in it before."

XboxHornet: XBLA Live Preview - Dwarfs
"We managed to snag an interview with exactly half of the Power of Two team, Teddy Sjöström, to discuss the inception and design of Dwarfs, out Fall 2010 on PC and sometime in the future on XBLA."

Infinite Continues: Yacine Salmi on what it means to go indie
"Salmi formed Piece Of Pie Studios and is currently hard at work on physics-based platformer Swimming Under Clouds with Mikaël Aguirre, the artist known as Orioto who we interviewed about his beautiful videogame artworks last month."

Xugo Gaming: NGW interviews Frictional Games, the minds behind Penumbra
"Amnesia is a game that focus on immersion and exploration. You awake in a desolate castle, only remembering that something is hunting you. Soon you find a note written by yourself to yourself, where you are told to kill someone named Alexander, who resides in the castle."

GameSetWatch: History Revised with Molleindustria's Memory Reloaded
"MolleIndustria, makers of Oiligarchy and Every Day The Same Dream, have put out another thought-provoking game called Memory Reloaded: The Downfall, a quick experience similar to the card-matching game we've all played but updated for these unstable times."