The IndieCade 2010 finalists were announced this week, and while there are several that we've already covered here on IndieGames, we thought it was our duty to delve into the rest of the finalists and give you our analysis. We'll be checking them out in alphabetical order, so first up is Preloaded's 1066 - The Game.

1006 is a big year for historians of course, with the Norman conquest of England and the beginning of the Middle Ages. 1066 - The Game is a strategy game based around the conquest battles, allowing you to take control of the English, the Normans and the Vikings. It's a turn-based affair, with the player choosing to move, attack, fortity or taunt with their troops each round.

Once you've chosen your moves and hit Execute, the action begins. Each of your moves is controlled via short minigames - for example, fights can be won by hitting arrow keys in sequence, while hilarious taunts can be thrown by typing them out within a set time-limit. This game has given me a whole host of new insults to use, and for that I am very grateful.

There's a Campaign mode, which starts with the Battle of Hastings and takes you through all the big encounters, while Skirmish allows you to create your own battles. There are also online multiplayer options, allowing you to play against a friend, or battle a random opponent. I'm not exactly a huge fan of strategy gaming, but I had a considerable amount of fun with 1066, so by that logic it must be good! Give it a play on the official 1006 site.