I've talked briefly about B.U.T.T.O.N. (Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now) before, as it was one of the Gamma IV finalists. It's being developed by the Copenhagen Game Collective, with music by Nifflas. Now an IndieCade 2010 finalist, it has come a little way since what I played back in March.

A hectic, one-button multiplayer game coming to both PC and Xbox 360, B.U.T.T.O.N. makes up to four players back away from the TV, and then do very silly things before rushing back to the TV and trying to fulfil whatever the victory requirements are. This can be something along the lines of 'hold your button down for 5 seconds' to the more interesting 'don't press your button at all'.

I say more interesting, because you don't technically have to stick to your own controller. There aren't really any rules other than following what it says on screen, so you can technically grab the controller from other players and mess with their character. You can also physically try to stop other people getting to their controllers, although that's now getting into the realms of beating each other up, and I certainly shouldn't be condoning that sort of behaviour.

When I gave it a go, the only problem I found was that it didn't work well playing with strangers at all - as you'd guess, none of the people playing knew each other, so we were all rather polite, trying not to bang into each other or wanting to seem too competitive. I can imagine that playing with a group of friends (and possibly cracking open a few beers) would do the game wonders.