On with our look at the IndieCade 2010 finalists, and next up is Cargo Delivery, a physics-based puzzler with a sea-faring twist. The game follows the exploits of Rufus, who is trying to get home by sea.

The problem is, he needs to take a whole bunch of cargo with him on the trip too. Levels begin with the player stacking all the different sized blocks and boxes onto the ship, before strapping it all down with chains and rope, then setting sail. From what I can tell, it seems that once the journey has begun, you no longer have any input, and must pray that you've buckled it all down properly and the ship reaches its destination intact.

This is made far more difficult than it should be by flying fish and bitey sharks who want to topple your ship over, and certain pieces of cargo that just won't stay still. I'm going to bet that your score depends on how much of the cargo reaches the end intact.

Looks like really good fun, and the graphical style is gorgeous too. Releasing sometime soon for PC, apparently. Check the Cargo Delivery site for more details.