Creaky Old Memory is our next IndieCade 2010 finalist, and it's a clever puzzle game involving picture gathering and organ playing.

You play a little old lady who appears to be a librarian too. Each level consists of moving ladders along bookshelves, into positions that allow you to reach framed photos dotted about the place. These photos contain the lady's memories, and once all of them have been collected, you need to work out which order they go in to tell a story.

Each frame has a number on it, and when the photos are in order, you can then take the numbers and plug them into an organ. Play the right notes, and a nearby door will open, allowing you to progress. It's a simple yet effective setup, and the puzzles are enjoyable enough.

Apart from playing in the browser, you can also download the game. You know, if you're into that sort of thing. Either way, this is worth playing, and you should head over here to do so.