After a short break, on with our in-depth look at the IndieCade 2010 finalists - and next up in Faraway, an iPhone game by Steph Thirion. Or so I believe it's coming to iPhone, since there's not been much word on the game since it was a Gamma IV winner back in March.

It's a one-button game in which you control a shooting star. Holding the touch screen will cause you to head for the nearest star, using it as an orbit. The key is to let go just as you reach the star, so that you gain a nice boost of speed and continue on your way.

Don't worry, there's a goal to all this. An arrow points to your next destination, and when you manage to reach it, a border appears around the action and you begin to move more slowly. In this section, the key is to create some lovely looking constellations. Using the stars as orbits will cause you to draw lines between them, and you'll continue to do so until you connect a star to one which has already been used. Jump to 36 seconds in the above video for a better understanding.

Of course, the bigger the constellation, the more points you'll bag. You'll also receive extra time, which is essential to surviving long enough to get a humongous score. So that's Faraway then, or at least what we know of it up to now. Hopefully this IndieCade nomination means we'll see more of it in the near future. Check out Steph's site for his past work.