Another IndieCade 2010 finalist to look at today - Recurse is all about wiggling about and looking a bit silly to score as many points as possible. A camera captures your movements and shows a distorted mirror image of you on the screen.

Green and red shapes appear on the screen, and the idea is to move your body around lots in the green spaces, and not move at all in the red spaces. That's the general gist of it, and it appears to do a good job of making people forget themselves and become immersed in the game - just check out the video after the cut and you'll see what I mean.

The game makes me think about what indie developers will do with the upcoming Kinect motion-controlled hardware - I can imagine that AAA developers will stick to creating boring, generic minigame crap for the most part, while indie devs may actually produce some interesting experimental stuff. We shall see in due course, I guess!