I think I've realised something... I'm pretty sure the IndieCade finalists for this year aren't just ordered alphabetically, but also by how mental they are, from perfectly normal to utterly insane. Socks, Inc backs up this theory - it's an online world for socialising, in which you create stories by taking videos and pictures of your hand with a sock on it.

Set in a Willy Wonka style factory and dubbed 'World of Sockcraft' by its developers, Socks, Inc first asks you to create your sock puppet in real life. You must then complete missions by acting out a story with your sock puppet, then uploading the results to the game for others to see.

At the IndieCade show, there will be a Socks, Inc sock puppet creation workshop, where the creators will show you how to make a great sock puppet, create an online account, then complete the first few missions. Maybe I'm just not with the times, but I find all this very strange indeed. In any case, if you want to check the game's progress out, head over to the official site.