And now for something a little bit different. In our look at the IndieCade 2010 finalists, we come to The Gentlemen of the South Sandwiche Islands, which is a different type of indie game from our usual broadcast. It is in fact a board game!

You've most likely heard the riddle about the farmer who is trying to cross a river with a fox and a chicken, but only one of them can cross the river at a time - or at least a variation on that theme. The Gentlemen of the South Sandwiche Islands is based around that idea - two players take it in turns to move their pieces (or their opponent's pieces) across a series of bridges. The winner is whoever manages to get Lady Ashley alone on an island with them, for a romantic rendezvous.

It's all very tactical stuff, as demonstrated by the above video. Creator James Taylor started a Kickstarter funded project for the board game earlier this year, and quickly secured the amount he needed. Copies of the game were sent out to donators, but I can't tell whether the game is still available to order. There's a big ol' Buy Now button on the official site, but the blurb above hasn't been updated, plus the Kickstarter page says that only a set number of games were produced, and I can't seem to find indication of whether those sold out or not.

It would appear that James is planning on updated the game for IndieCade anyway, so most likely more copies will be made. It's worth reading this analysis from one of James' university professors, as there's some interesting stuff in there.

The official trailer for the game is just below the cut.