indiegames.PNG[Update: The IndieGames podcast is now available on iTunes, and can be found here.]

It's finally here! Myself and Tim have been pondering over whether to start an IndieGames podcast for a while now, and this weekend we set it all in motion. The Podcast #1 is now available to listen to online or download if you'd prefer, and can be found just below the cut. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the podcast RSS feed here.

First off, I should explain the set-up: each week, we'll have a guest indie developer hosting the podcast, with Tim and I then getting involved in each topic. When we were discussing how the podcast should be set out, we wanted it to be a little different from your normal listening material, and the 'different indie developer hosting each week' idea was a neat little twist that we decided to go for. Hopefully you guys will agree!

Everything we discussed in the podcast is linked to in this post (again, below the cut). So if you'd like to check out more details on anything we talked about, it's all laid out nice and simple just below. As it's the first podcast, we want to hear from you lot about what we can do to make it better! The plan is to be a bit experimental with features and ideas each week, until we find exactly the kind of show we (and you) are comfortable with. With that all said, take a listen and enjoy!

Podcast Links
[Important links!]
Stephen 'increpare' Lavelle's website
Intro music by Souleye

[IndiePub Competition Reveals Community Favorite, Finalists]
IndiePub finalists
Community Favourites

[Give Up Robot 2]
IndieGames feature
Direct link to game

[Mega Indie Love Bundles]
IndieGames feature
Indie Love Bundles site
The Humble Indie Bundle

[Indiecade 2010 Finalists]
Finalists list in full
IndieGames features for each finalist

[Indie Games Arcade 2010]
Indie Games Arcade lineup
Official release

[Mentioned indie developers and games]
Zombie Cow Studios
Rob Fearon
Game Accessibility Barriers In Games
Frozen Synapse
Magnetic Shaving Derby (iTunes link)
Squid Yes, Not So Octopus
Gemini Rue

[L'Abbaye des Morts]
IndieGames feature
Tim's huge map of the game
Direct link to the game

[In(die)credible: Best New Indie Games You Haven't Played]
IndieGames feature
Very useful links to every game mentioned
Andy Schatz (that guy who made Monaco)

[Interview Question Mentions]
The Games Collective
Indie Kombat
Sophie Houlden's Indie Kombat introduction
Chevy Ray's Indie Kombat rap
Arthur Lee's Indie Kombat introduction
Arthur Lee's Indie Kombat apology video
Game Maker
Klik of the Month
Donate post on Increpare's site

And one more final thank you to Souleye for providing the most wonderful intro and outro music.