[The contest is now over, cheers to everyone who entered! If you've been selected, you should receive an email from Broken Rules at some point this evening.]

The original PC release of And Yet It Moves was excellent stuff, providing lots of rotation-based puzzling for your pleasure - our review can be found here. A WiiWare version of the game was released recently, allowing full 360 degree turning and adding a whole new depth to proceedings.

We've got a few copies of the WiiWare version to give away to IndieGames readers, and winning a copy will require some skills on your part. First off, you need to get a photo of yourself stood on your head. If you're good at balancing on your head alone then go for it, but a handstand will suffice. Of course, make sure you don't hurt yourself!

Next, flip the photo over so that you're now the right way up. Hopefully the results should be rather humorous, especially for those of you with long hair, or wearing assorted necklaces and the like. Then upload your picture to your favourite image site - we suggest using TwitPic or Imageshack. Finally, post the link to your uploaded images in the comments below. Remember to supply your email address, or we won't be able to give you the prize if you win! (Note: email addresses are not made public).

You've got until 5pm GMT on Thursday 16th September to get your entries in and winners will be announced shortly afterwards.. Good luck!