Independent developers Grapefrukt, based in Malmö, Sweden, have released their latest online Flash title GLORG, available through Armor Games. The old school box art pictured right is a tongue-in-cheek rendering of the lighthearted visual design.

Developed for the GAMMA IV one-button game event held at this year's Game Developers Conference, GLORG chooses the counter-intuitive premise of boiling down the gameplay of a dungeon crawler action RPG to single-button clicking. Players can navigate between scenarios familiar to classic roguelikes with the simple interface of a stationary mouse.

This year's GAMMA IV challenge yielded numerous examples of how even the deepest of game genres can with some brainpower be reimagined as OBGs. It can also be said of such translations that they tend to have their inescapable drawbacks. (In the case of GLORG, some players have reported difficulty discerning between the single-click attack and the press-and-hold block commands.)

The soundtrack to the Flash game is by Danny B. of Super Meat Boy, who previously provided the music for one-button fan favorite Canabalt. We'll be hearing from the composer on the subject of his music score for Team Meat in an interview scheduled to appear in the near future.