[Update: Sophie has now given the game a name: Lottie's Dungeon.]

A working title for now, Sophie's Witch Game is a dungeon crawler Sophie Houlden is currently working on. Available to purchase for $2, Sophie will be upping the price over time as she adds more content to the game.

In other words if you buy now, you'll eventually have a full game for $2, whereas if you wait a little while before giving it a go, the price will have gone up. It's a pretty sweet idea, and most definitely worth throwing the $2 into now. As for the game itself, there isn't too much to see at present - you can play through a number of procedurally generated dungeon floors with three different spells, and there is some basic cauldron brewing set in place.

Try the online browser demo to see whether you reckon it's worth putting down the cash now for.