This. Is. AMAZING. Escape from the Underworld is the story of a dark angel's fall from glory, and consequent rise from the underworld. With all your powers taken by heavenly beings, you're left to roam the depths of Hell, building your strength back up so you exact your revenge.

There's a very Metroid-like feel to this game - you begin with all your powers at full strength, before having it all taken away and being left to with nothing. Slowly but surely, powers are discovered through exploration. The level design is really fantastic - it's a little difficult at first, as you only need to be touched once to die, but as your powers build, you can really feel your dark character becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Escape from the Underworld was created by Banov for Indie Kombat against Andrew Brophy. A note to Andrew: we really love your stuff here at IndieGames, but you're going to have to pull something amazing out of the hat to beat this.