Krautscape is a multiplayer racing game that features procedurally generated tracks, where every new piece of the track is built by whoever currently occupies the pole position. A floating arrow always point to either the leader of the race or the next striped pillar to reach, and the player who reaches the required number of checkpoints first (determined when the server is created) will be declared the winner.

The curve of a track is determined by your position on the road when you cross the white line, and you can use the up and down arrow keys to change the pitch before the next piece of the track is laid. A wireframe pattern will always show what kind of track will be built next before a vehicle crosses the line.

The alpha version available to download from official site is still rough around the edges, but Krautscape definitely fits the bill if you're looking for a new multiplayer racing game to try out with a couple of your online buddies. (Mac/Windows, 67MB)