[A couple of the characters have now been announced and feature just below the cut - but there are still more to find, so keep guessing!]

Hey, did you notice that we like Super Meat Boy quite a lot here at IndieGames? Of course you did, we haven't shut up about it in a while. Allow us to share our love with you in the form of prizes! Everyone loves prizes!

Each version of Super Meat Boy features exclusive playable characters, not found in the other versions. With the PC and WiiWare editions of the game still on the horizon (aka released in the next couple of months), the unique characters for the PC version are yet to be announced. We already know the Minecraft guy is going to be one of them, and also Viridian from VVVVVV and Josef from Machinarium - but that leaves four more slots available for iconic indie characters to fill.

So here's the deal - have a think about who you believe will be the other three unique characters for the PC edition of Super Meat Boy, and then leave one character name in the comments section below. After the actual three are officially announced by Team Meat, we'll randomly select three people who answered correctly to win copies of the PC version of the game.

A couple of quick rules: Make sure you leave your email address so we can get back to you if you're a winner (don't worry, your email address will not be shown publicly). Also, only one entry per email address - entering multiple times with the same address will get you disqualified, young man/lady! Finally, make sure you only give one character as your answer - anyone who gives more than one will also be disqualified. Sorry, and good luck!