The entries for the Independent Games Festival 2011's Main Competition are now available for public viewing. This year saw 391 entries - a considerable number more than last year's 301, with Student Showcase entries still due by November 1st. There are plenty of familiar and exciting names in there, along with plenty of new faces.

The full 391 will be whittled down to a handful of finalists in each category later this year, and the winners will be announced next March at the IGF awards as part of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Make sure you check out the IGF site for all the details.

[UPDATE: The official IGF.com announcement is now live, and people are already compiling YouTube playlists (thanks Esquar!) and lists of playable games (thanks LewieP!) to make it even easier to check out entries.]

Very exciting stuff. Did you enter your game into the competition? Which games are we all looking forward to the most?