Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Experimental Gameplay: Neverending Winners
"After a lot of careful consideration and multiple never-ending game sessions, the fine folks at Baby Castles have chosen Mocke’s Goblin-stomping entry: Pilot Crash Course as the winner. Additionally, organizers have determined a number of runner-ups whose work will also be shown at Baby Castle’s new, swanky, Manhattan setup."

Gamasutra: DigiPen Students On Their Music Based Shoot 'Em Up Solace
"Gamasutra spoke with the student team behind the arcade shoot 'em up Solace to discuss its unusual concept, its independent development, and the team's aspirations after graduating from DigiPen."

Gamasutra: Super Meat Boy's Silly Take On Classic Platformers
"Gamasutra spoke with Team Meat sound effects designer Jordan Fehr and music composer Danny Baranowsky to discuss Super Meat Boy's humorous take on the platforming genre, and the benefits and challenges of independent development."

YoYo Games: YoYo Comp 06 – Winner
"This is what you’ve been waiting for, the announcement of the winner of the YoYo Competion 06. The subject theme was Discovery, and we are delighted to announce the winner as…."

Just One More Game: VVVVVV being demade… to the C64
"Indie-hit VVVVVV is now being demade from it’s original PC platform to the Commodore 64. There’s already a demo available, so fire up your favourite C64 emulator, and get playing."

GameSetWatch: Molleindustria Outlines Future Subversive Projects
"Speaking at Indiecade 2010, Paolo Pedercini of indie game developer Molleindustria shared several ideas for upcoming art games that might or might not happen. Pedercini also shares how the studio is fixing some of the issues people complained about in Every Day The Same Dream with its next title, The Drone Pilot Game. The game already has a lot of promising features: dream sequences, achievements, an interactive shaving scene, and colors."

DIYgamer: Evan Balster Answers an Infinite Amount of Questions about Infinite Blank
"Evan Balster is the developer and primary programmer behind the new art-focused canvas game Infinite Blank. The entire premise of the game is to simply expand on an ever growing, ever evolving canvas of art."