A summary of Super Meat Boy interviews and miscellanies that we've managed to round up and approve for sharing with teh internets. (image source)

GameSetWatch: DannyB's Super Meat Boy Tracks Coming to Rock Band Network
"Danny Baranowsky, the indie game composer who's whipped up tracks for Canabalt, Gravity Hook, and Steambirds, will soon see three of his songs from the recently released Super Meat Boy in Rock Band Network for the upcoming Rock Band 3."

Fairwood Studios: Super Meat Boy Jumps to Rock Band Network, Avoids Buzzsaw
"Daniel Baranowsky of dB soundworks has teamed up with Rochester's Fairwood Studios to produce three special remixes of tracks from the Super Meat Boy soundtrack for the Rock Band 3 video game."

Game Interface: Super Meat Boy Interview with Team Meat
"GameInterface.net had a chance to chat with Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, the developers better known as Team Meat and the creative force behind Super Meat Boy."

Game 2 Gamer: Super Meat Boy Review and Audio Interview With Team Meat (video)
"We got out hands on a copy of Super Meat Boy from the duo over at Team Meat and because we got forced to put the game down we finally got a chance to write the review for it."

Bytejacker: Super Meat Boy Developer Interview (video)
"Developers Ed McMillen and Tommy Refenes stopped in via Skype to talk to us all about SMB: where the idea came from, what it was like to make the jump from flash to console games, and just how ridiculously difficult it really is."

Indie Games Searchlight: Super Meat Boy's Silly Take On Classic Platformers (video)
"Beating meat never felt so good. Super Meat Boy is out now on the XBox Live Arcade, and will be available soon on the WiiWare, PC, and Mac in the coming weeks."