As mentioned in this week's IndieGames podcast, I was at the Indie Games Arcade at the weekend and played lots of lovely games. I'll be spending time this week going through the games that we haven't featured on the blog before - and first up is Tiny and Big by Blank Pants Game Studios.

Tiny and Big is a cel-shaded cartoony platformer that feels very much like slash-em-up Plain Sight to control, but has some very interesting game mechanics that make it something pretty special. You control Tiny on his quest to get his underpants back from Big, a mischievous little fellow who is constantly on the run from you.

Tiny has a few tricks up his sleeve. First, left-clicking on an object will attach a cable to it, which can then be pulled to drag stuff around or topple pillars. This is enjoyable enough, but the real fun comes with the right mouse button - holding the button down, then dragging across a surface and letting go will cause Tiny to cut through the surface with a laser beam, potentially cutting said object into bits.

This mechanic coupled with your cable trick can be used to create new platforms and clear paths onwards. For those blocks that are being a bit too stubborn, you've also got rockets on your middle mouse button - the first click places a rocket on an object, and then holding down the middle button causes the rocket to blast off and take the debris with it. It's all very clever stuff and works really well. The demo on display was pretty short, but I'm definitely interested to see more concepts around this idea.

The demo is now in fact available for download, and you can grab it from the Tiny and Big site. Grab a copy and see what you think. There's no release date set for the game yet.