Let's check out some lovely indie trailerage. Bohm is up first, and looks like a tree version of ThatGameCompany's Flower with some Electroplankton thrown in. The tree is procedurally generated, and the music is adaptive. It's one of those 'sit back and take it in' art game style experiences. Also an IGF 2011 entry! Not sure when it's available to play, but it all looks pretty pretty pretty.

Wait, did I say I like pretty things? What I meant to say was that I love killing and stuff. Dwarf War is a strategy game in which the dwarves fight the elves. There's loads of mining involved, spells casted, units to play around with and lots of lovely hand-drawn visuals. There's also a gameplay video for people who want to see how it plays. Coming soon to a browser near you soon!

Kosmo Spin is the name of the new Halo game... oh wait, it was all a joke! (Thank Jebus). It's actually an iPhone/iPad game about running around planets, grabbing things, heading footballs and not getting abducted. Coming soon to the App Store for $1.