gamedevs3a.pngHere's a new feature I'm planning on putting together each Sunday that will hopefully compliment Tim's Indie Game Links feature. It's easy to miss something awesome during the week, be it an amazing new indie trailer or a game that you really must play, so Best of the Week will couple together everything you should have checked out in the last seven days.

Full Version of Sombreros Released
Sombreros is a remake of an old Action 52 game, and if you haven't given it a play yet, you really should - it's lovely stuff.

Incredible Minecraft Cart Ride
If you've been trying to explain to a friend exactly what it is about Minecraft that makes it so popular, just show them this video. They'll understand soon enough.

Super Meat Boy Commercial Trailer
Do the math! Test your skills! Push the buttons! Are you a bad enough dude to rescue your girlfriend? And so on. Just amazing.

Melolune Original Soundtrack Part One (Laura Shigihara)
Mr. Jeriaska talks to Laura Shigihara about her indie gaming music.

Browser Game Pick: Chase Goose 2
Do you know the Japanese lucky number? If not, you won't get very far in Chase Goose 2, a Canabalt-esque keyboard bork.

Trine 2 Trailer
Are you excited for Trine 2? I know I am. Online co-op? Oh yes please.

iPhone Game Pick: Game Dev Story
I hate Tim for introducing me to this iPhone management game. I've played for nearly 10 hours already and I just can't stop. If you own an iPhone or iPod touch, you MUST pick this up.

Browser Game Pick: Leap 4 Blue
Clever platformer from Noel Berry in which you place down the platforms yourself.

Browser Game Pick: Road of the Dead
Cars + zombies = extreme fun. Drive down a highway dealing with both the undead and a rogue army force.

Freeware Game Pick: Siamese Enemies
Two players each control conjoined twins, then cut themselves apart and try to steal organs. Mental and utterly brilliant.