indiegames.PNGWe don't feel that we've crammed enough Super Meat Boy down your throats recently, hence we've got Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes of Team Meat on the IndieGames podcast this week.

The duo answer many of our questions, and also occasionally go off on a tangent and talk about completely random topics, such as eating on the toilet and Tommy feeling like he's dying. There are readers' questions too! Although the majority of these don't go as planned. Oh, and Tommy accidentally reveals that there is a secret code in Super Meat Boy that no-one has discovered yet.

Want to listen? Well, you can jump below the cut to find the podcast embedded for easy access, or you can jump over to here to find it too. Oh yeah, it's available on iTunes as well for all you iLovers. Finally, there's a podcast RSS feed you can subscribe to so you can skip all my chatter each week and find the podcast yourself. Cutting out the middle man is fun!

Podcast Links

Super Meat Boy
Super Meat Boy on Steam

Time Fcuk
Teh Internets DLC

Character Roster Update

Alien Hominid
Commander Video
Tim (Braid)
Cave Story

Quantum Mario (inspiration for SMB replays)
Super Meat Boy 90's Commercial
Give Up Robot 2
Independent Games Festival (IGF)
Brian Crescente's Twitter (from Kotaku)
Crayon Physics Deluxe
World of Goo
Castle Crashers

Danny Baranowsky
"ReMix Super Meat Boy, get on the Soundtrack"
I Wanna Be the Guy
GDC: Refenes' and Saltsman's Baffling $350 App Store Success

Terry Cavanagh
Adam Saltsman
Area 5
Hydrophobia (the Super Meat Boy suicide note)

And thanks to Souleye for the stupendous intro/outro music!