This week's installment of the podcast features two recordings from the IndieCade independent games festival, which took place on October 10 in Culver City, California. First we hear from Lau Korsgaard and Nils Deneken of the Copenhagen Game Collective. Their party title B.U.T.T.O.N. (Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now) was on display at the event's Gamewalk and is currently on track to be available for download from Xbox Live Indie Games in less than a month.

The soundtrack to the game is by Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren, the creator of Knytt Stories and the forthcoming NightSky for WiiWare. Nils is also at work on the long-awaited Where is My Heart for PSP, whose scenario was poetically derived from a real-life situation experienced by programmer Bernhard Schulenburg.

Later on in the program, CEO Alex Neuse and Bit.Trip series artist Mike Roush of Gaijin Games talk Bit.Trip Fate. The team brought conceptual footage of a future project, dubbed Laserlife, to IndieCade's "Project Next" panel. We also hear about their collaboration with superstar chip music artists Bit Shifter and Minusbaby for the Bit Trip series.

During the interlude, Jeriaska makes mention of a Japanese-language interview compilation featuring Baiyon and Pixel that is being released later this year in Tokyo, and raises the possibility of a subtitled edition of the DVD. Discover the embedded podcast below the break, or together with previous installments in the series. The episode can also be found on iTunes and through the dedicated RSS feed. Special thanks go, as always, to SoulEye for the intro music.

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