The Incident is a 2D action game made by Matt Comi and Neven Mrgan (featuring chiptune music by Cabel), where players have to help a man named Frank Solway survive falling objects from the sky that threaten to trap and bury him alive. Tilting your iDevice left or right moves the main character on screen, and a quick tap will cause him to jump in either direction. The main campaign consists of seven stages to play through in total, and there are frequent checkpoints in every area that allows you to resume your progress with little effort (provided that you have at least one life left to use).

It will probably take an afternoon or two to beat all seven levels on your first try, and a recent update helps justify the price tag with the introduction of an infinite gameplay mode (called Endless Nightfall). The Game Center support also allows you to upload your best height achieved to an online leaderboard, and you can use your iPhone as a controller to play The Incident on an iPad as well.

Screenshots and a video that demonstrates the new updates in version 1.2 (released just last week) can be found in the extended. The Incident is available from the App Store now for only $1.99.