Notch spread the news last week that Minecraft will be receiving a Halloween update on the 31st October, and just to prove that it's all coming along smoothly, he's posted up a screenshot of a new underground environment on his blog.

Give the above image a click for a larger, even more stunning version. How gorgeous does that look! Even Hell looks beautiful in Minecraft, it would seem. Apparently, this Hell world is a separate dimension that can be used for fast travelling - switch to this underworld, move a few paces then switch back, and in the 'real' world you'll have moved much further! Useful indeed, but just that little bit scary.

Apart from these lovely new areas to explore, the update is bringing us new monsters, the ability to fish, and torches that blow out after a while. Give the IndieGames Minecraft podcast a listen for the inside scoop from Notch himself.