You may have noticed that has been undergoing some changes over the past couple of days (although whether these changes work is a different matter!). The guys at DIYGamer spotted that the best selling indie game chart is now fully working, and provides some interesting - if somewhat disheartening - results.

The top 10 best selling Xbox Live Indie Games at the moment are as follows:

1. Avatar Drop
2. Baby Maker Extreme
4. RC-AirSim
5. The Impossible Game
6. Avatar Paintball
7. Rumble Massage
8. A Perfect Massage
9. Avatar Golf
10. Try Not to Fart

Not the most impressive list, although at least I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 beat off most of the Avatar and massage silliness. If ever there was damning proof that something needs to be done about the XBLIG system, this is most definitely it - there are so many good indie games in the library that are being passed over thanks to the amount of crap churned out.