So many indie trailers, so little time. Let's start with Escape from Quaoar, a physics-based wheely platformer that was recently submitted to the IGF. It has been proven that including a grappling rope in your game makes it's 72% more entertaining (note: this may be a lie), so hopefully this should be good fun.

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Up next is top-down RPG Driftmoon. This has been in production for aaages, so hopefully we'll see it popping up sometime soon.

SHOC Trooper is an isometric old school Flash shooter coming sometime very soon to the interwebs. The quality of the video isn't great, but what we can see looks pleasant enough!

Here's Dead Frontier, an MMORPG zombie shooter that is in fact available RIGHT NOW. You shoot zombies, and then shoot them some more. Go give it a try.

It's Just a Thought is an IGF 2011 entry in which you are indeed a thought, travelling through someone's mind. Your task is to keep the thought alive, steering away from bad thoughts and making it through the neural network to where you're needed.