[Update: Due to the large amount of traffic to the site, the offer was postponed, but is now fully available again for today! Make sure you grab a copy before it disappears!]

Or AYIMPWYW, as it's known to its closest friends. Yes indeed, the lovely And Yet It Moves costs absolutely whatever you want it to cost, including the big $0.00 if you so wish (although it is worth far more than that, so let's not be tight!).

The sale is only on today, so if you haven't played the game before, you really need to grab it asap - it really is a ton of fun. Quick recap for those who have forgotten what it's about: It's your normal platforming game, expect that you can rotate the screen through 90 degrees in either direction, making floors into walls and walls into ceilings. It also gets very weird later on, and features some lovely visuals and sounds.

We have a full review if you're into that kind of thing. Buying the game is a little fiddly - you need to click the PWYW logo on the right of the page, then create an account (or log in via Facebook). Then go back to the product page and click PWYW again, and this time it will let you choose your price. Go buy!