If you're one of those people who thinks Nitrome games are full of great ideas but lack the right execution, Enemy 585 probably isn't going to sway your opinion. After a Mario style game ends, a lone bad guy is left to walk left and right for the rest of his days.

That is, until a helpful block decides to help him out. The idea is to move into positions such that Enemy 585 can climb up to new areas and move backwards through the level - eventually he wants to move all the way back through the game and reach the very beginning. It's a great concept, made all the more interesting by the other remaining baddies who mutter 'Up... Down... Up...' as you move past them.

Unfortunately, it can also be pretty frustrating too. Make a wrong move and you may well watch our little fella walk right off a cliff with no means of stopping him. The game also decides not to tell you any of the finer points of play until later on - for example, you can in fact spin your block by pressing space, and while Enemy 585 is stood on your block, if you hold a direction you can move even so slightly.

Still, while it has faults, Enemy 585 is worth playing just for the concept. Go play over at Nitrome.