K.O.L.M. is a Metroid-like platformer in which you get to control a robot who is trying to escape from a maze, helped by the soothing voice of a mother who constantly feeds her son with encouragement and advice throughout his journey. Like other games of its ilk, K.O.L.M. also features plenty of robot upgrades, new abilities and collectibles that you can acquire to improve your chances of survival in this labyrinth of single-screen rooms.

Expect to do quite a bit of backtracking if you're planning to collect all upgrades and items to be found in each area, although it still won't take you more than an hour to discover everything that the game has to offer. There are also a couple of tricky sections that players should take note of; a certain underwater challenge requires the player to be really close to the edge of a platform to make a successful jump, and it's not really clear that you have to hold the jump button while hovering over a fan to reach a far greater vertical height in certain rooms.