In Radical Fishing you play as a fisherman named Billy who is trying to make a living by catching fishes, out at sea with just a pistol, a pole, and a long yet unbreakable fishing line as his starting equipment. You begin each round by casting your line into the water and guiding the hook past any swimming fishes that try to get a bite of it. The line is automatically reeled in the second a fish is caught, but you can (and should) latch on to other marine life while the hook is on its way up. Once the fishes are out of the water, they will stay airborne for a couple of seconds so that you can blast them into chunks of fish meat to sell at the market.

Any cash you've earned can be spent at the shop to purchase better equipment or increase the length of your fishing line (among other things). The game includes a couple of achievements that you can unlock and an online leaderboard for you to submit your scores to, although you'll have to sign up for a member account first before these two features are made accessible to the player.