newgrounds.gifNow this is rather interesting. Popular Flash gaming site Newgrounds and game creation tools specialist Clickteam haved partnered up to bring Newgrounds users The Games Factory 2 for free, although it is a slightly limited version.

The Games Factory 2 is a game creation program that requires no programming knowledge at all on the user's part - every is done via simple-to-understand events. This version of the program contains pretty much the full version, except that when you come to compile your game, you only have the option to export it as an SWF (i.e. Flash application) for use on the Newgrounds site. It's also a rather limited program - if you ever used the infamous Klik N Play, you'll know exactly what to expect here.

Still, it does provide gamers with no programming skills whatsoever to try their hand at creating games and uploading them for others to play quickly and easily. My only worry is that Newgrounds will soon be flooded with utter crap (or even more so, depending on how you feel about the site!). Are there any IndieGames readers who are planning on giving it a go?