With just two more secret characters to be announced for the upcoming PC version of Super Meat Boy, we've got one of them for you now - it's RunMan from the glorious RunMan: Race Around the World by Tom Sennett and Matt Thorson.

He joins the Minecraft guy, Viridian, Josef, Goo ball and a Head Crab as secret characters, with just one more to go. RunMan's special ability is the burst run - holding the action button will make a trail of stars shoot out from behind him, and he'll move stupidly fast. He's also pretty fast anyway!

Pre-orders for Super Meat Boy PC start today on Steam, with 33% off the full price of $15 until the game's release on November 30th. We got talking with developer Edmund McMillen and managed to wrangle even more juicy details regarding the PC release and the Xbox DLC - jump below the cut to read more!

First up, the Xbox DLC: If you've been watching the Super Meat Boy blog, you'll know that plenty of free downloadable chapters are coming soon - we already got the special Gish chapter The Sewers of Dross last weekend. Before the end of the year, two more free chapters will become available - the 'Meat Boy' chapter will contain twenty levels from the original Meat Boy Flash game, but spruced up and given that SMB feel.

This is great news, but it's the second DLC chapter that we're really intrigued by - titled 'I Meat Boy', it will contain remixs of twenty of SMB's best levels.

"Basically, I take the 20 best levels in the game and remix them." said Edmund. "Think dark world versions of their dark world versions - super dark worlds! You play the level twice, but it changes - places get locked out over time and force you back and forth. It's nuts!"

I Meat Boy will include remixes of The Saltsman and The Shaft, both very much favourite levels of ours. In the first quarter of 2011, we can also expect three more DLC chapters - a Commander Video based set of levels, a set of 20 user-created levels from the PC version, and 20 levels based on The Kid's warpzone, which will apparently be as difficult as the originals. This scares us immensely.

Unfortunately, the level editor will not be available immediately with the PC version of Super Meat Boy at launch - Edmund and Tommy plan to add it in just after Christmas. They've chosen to delay it for a month to make it more user-friendly and add more features.

If you still haven't taken part in our Super Meat Boy Guess the Secret Characters content, make sure you get your answer in before the final character is revealed later this week!

Well, that's your lot! Make sure you've got your copy pre-ordered (pre-orders start soon!), and roll on November 30th!