I Was a Vegas Showgirl tells the story of one Sissy O'Leary, a stage performer who was asked by her boyfriend to steal a hat that belongs to the toughest casino owner in Vegas. It's anything but an easy task, since you'll have to chat, charm and dance your way past guys like the bouncer and the casino manager to get to Mr. Stack-O-Lee himself.

This 3D adventure game (made with the Dage Engine) is rather short in length and can be completed in under an hour, although it also features a couple of clever puzzles that should keep you guessing for a bit. A short descriptive text appears everytime you're standing next to a person or an object that you can interact with, and there's never really a situation where you'll have to carry or manage more than three inventory items at a time.

You can find the download links for this late AGBiC competition entry from either the AGS forums, TIGForums or DagePort. (Windows, 31.1MB)