[The contest is over! The answer was of course the One Two Three cat, because the Un Deux Trois cat sank! (bu-dum) Winners are Bob3k and Lucas!]

Yesterday I talked about Aah Impossible Rescue, an excellent hard-as-nails Xbox Live Indie Game that was recently unleashed on the Marketplace. Your job is to guide three cats through a series of difficult obstacles via just three buttons. It's great fun, with some lovely visuals and tunes.

Developer Robert Swan has been kind enough to supply us with a couple of codes, which we shall now pass on to you guys in the form of a competition. So how can you win one of these codes? Well, since the game includes giant cats swimming through water, let's base it on a joke I know about cats:

Two cats are having a swimming race across a river - the English 'One Two Three' cat and the French 'Un Deux Trois' cat. Which cat will win the race?

Simply leave your answer in the comments - you've only got two options to choose from so if you don't know the answer, you might as well just guess! (and if you do know the answer, please don't explain how you got it, as everyone else will simply be able to read the explanation!) As always, make sure you provide your email address so we can get back to you if you win (Email addresses are not publicly displayed). You can only guess once, and anyone leaving more than one comment will unfortunately be disqualified. Winners will be announced sometime tomorrow afternoon.