With the new Xbox 360 Dashboard update rolling out today, I thought it would be interesting to check out what improvements and changes have been made to the Xbox Live Indie Games section.

The Game Marketplace has been split into new categories, one of which is titled 'Games & Demos' - however, this section includes Arcade Games, Games of Demand and Demos... but no Indie Games. In fact, the indie gaming section has now been moved to a new area called 'Specialty Shops', along with the Avatar Marketplace and Game Room. It appears that Microsoft have decided to distance the XBLIG section from the rest of the games available.

The actual Indie Games section is actually a lot easier to navigate, and shows the top 50 in each list rather than just 20. There aren't really any new lists to look through, but having more games on display will hopefully lead to more indie games getting picked up.

Old videos of the Dashboard in action are knocking around a few other sites including Kotaku, and show an Indie Games option appearing in the Featured section - however, it would appear that this was removed for the final build of the Dashboard. What do we think about all this - are Microsoft hiding Xbox Live Indie Games away, or is it good news that it's now part of a different section?