The original soundtrack album for freeware PC title Hydorah is now streaming on Bandcamp. The release is part of my Kickstarter project for Independent Videogame Music in Context. To set the mood for the soundtrack, pithy liner notes have been added to each track by composer Gryzor87.

The sidescrolling shoot 'em up by Locomalito was developed over the course of three years in Andalucia, Spain. The music covers a variety of styles, from jazz fusion and progressive rock to techno and heavy metal, all performed on classic synthesizers including the Yamaha SY55, Korg 01/W, Korg Trinity and Casio Cz-230S.

Currently underway is an arrange album featuring covers by international artists. Participants include VVVVVV composer SoulEye (Magnus Palsson), Pocket Groovy (Yoshi Miyamoto) of You Have No Legs and Cobalt composer Anosou (Mattias Häggström Gerdt).

Samples from the arranged album will be online soon. Gryzor87's in-depth manual of Pixel's pxtone music tools, featuring an introduction by Daisuke Amaya, is also nearing completion.