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About The IGF is presented by the UBM TechWeb Game Network, which runs the Independent Games Festival & Summit every year at Game Developers Conference. The company (producer of the Game Developers Conference series, and Game Developer magazine) established the Independent Games Festival in 1998 to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best independent game developers.

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Archive For November, 2010

XBL Indie Game Pick: Space Police on Super Highway 9 (Haiku Interactive)

November 29, 2010 3:31 PM | Michael Rose

Space Police on Super Highway 9 is an Xbox Live Indie Game that deserves roughly 16MB worth of space on your Xbox 360 hard drive. You're a new recruit in the Space Police taskforce, patrolling Super Highway 9 and crashing criminals off the road.

As you drive along the highway, you'll catch up to baddies driving recklessly and smashing all over the place. Using your boost and your trusty siren, you can clear the road of all the innocent drivers and plough into the bad guy until he is wrecked. It would be a case of 'repeat until bored', except that as your score ramps up, the roads become far more busy and the number of baddies increases, until you're dodging all over the place and taking down huge KillBuses. Make sure you skip to around halfway through the above video to see just how crazy it can get.

It's really simple yet enjoyable stuff, and the inclusion of a global scoreboard means that you may well want to jump in every now and again and go for the top spot. You'll probably only get a maximum of an hour's worth of play out of it, but the game is just 80 MS Points ($1), which is brillo cheapo. Grab a copy from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Pixel Pushers Nudges Games Into the Art Space

November 28, 2010 11:30 PM | jeriaska

Eric Nakamura, Adam Robezzoli and Len Higa at the Pixel Pushers reception

Through December 11, Giant Robot and Scion are sponsoring an art exhibit in Culver City, described as an exploration of 8-Bit digital media. The opening reception taking place on November 13 mixed live chip music by Nullsleep with videos by Daniel Rehn. Jude Buffum's 8-bit baddie butcher diagrams were on the wall beside Shawn Smith's pixelated sculptures. A Famicom car touched up by Len Higa was parked in the center of the space projecting Giant Robot's sidescrolling shooter Return of the Quack from its headlights.

Quack is part of an ongoing collaboration with Adam Robezzoli of the LA game culture shop Attract Mode. Publisher and editor of Giant Robot Magazine, Eric Nakamura has produced five games with independent developers. "I love the indie game world," he says. "There’s been such great participants and it’s growing. The games that are being made are super thoughtful and creative. It’s been a chance for indie developers to learn about artists and vice versa."

For Pixel Pushers, Giant Robot reached out to artist Kohei Yamashita to provide '70s and '80s pachinko machines. The artist decorated the space with murals of squirrels and ants transporting silver pachinko balls. "What could be more interesting than working with new people who are doing something different," says Nakamura. "Pushing your own limits with their input and new ideas, that’s just cool."

Freeware Game Pick: I Was a Vegas Showgirl (Alasdair Beckett)

November 28, 2010 1:00 AM | Tim W.

I Was a Vegas Showgirl tells the story of one Sissy O'Leary, a stage performer who was asked by her boyfriend to steal a hat that belongs to the toughest casino owner in Vegas. It's anything but an easy task, since you'll have to chat, charm and dance your way past guys like the bouncer and the casino manager to get to Mr. Stack-O-Lee himself.

This 3D adventure game (made with the Dage Engine) is rather short in length and can be completed in under an hour, although it also features a couple of clever puzzles that should keep you guessing for a bit. A short descriptive text appears everytime you're standing next to a person or an object that you can interact with, and there's never really a situation where you'll have to carry or manage more than three inventory items at a time.

You can find the download links for this late AGBiC competition entry from either the AGS forums, TIGForums or DagePort. (Windows, 31.1MB)

Steam's Indie Pulse Pack: Five Indie Games for Five Dollars

November 27, 2010 9:00 PM | Tim W.

Alright, this is more like it. Bit.Trip Beat was just released for the Mac and PC earlier this month, but now you can get Gaijin Games' debut release and four other excellent games (Audiosurf, Beat Hazard, Rhythm Zone, The Polynomial) in a promotion bundle that costs only $5. Galcon Fusion is also on sale for only $2.50, and both offers won't expire for at least another twenty-hours or so.

Anyone looking for a freebie today can get Vertigo Games' greenTech+ from Game Giveaway of the Day at zero cost. Everybody wins!

Trailer: TowerClimb (Davioware)

November 27, 2010 11:00 AM | Tim W.

Davioware's working on a huge update to his submission for Game Jolt's Rogue Contest, and had recently put up a teaser trailer that showcases some of the new elements he's been adding to the remake during the last few months of development. Created with Construct, this procedurally-generated platformer carries a number of improvements over the original, with one such addition (the ice level) previewed in the clip embedded above. Expect to find new enemies, abilities, traps, items, an improved berry trade system, a handful of surprises and a proper ending in the finalized version to reward players who manage to reach the top of the tower.

No release date yet, but if you still haven't played TowerClimb before you can download the old build off GameJolt and find out for yourself why we love the game so much.

Super Crate Box for the Mac OS X

November 26, 2010 8:00 PM | Tim W.

Vlambeer had just released a new build of their popular arcade shooter Super Crate Box for the Mac OS X yesterday. The Mac port for this highly-rated time sink is free to download, and it comes with all of the levels, weapons and unlockables that were included in the PC version. Some features like the online leaderboard and full gamepad support had to be omitted, but other than that the Mac build is essentially an identical copy of its PC counterpart.

There's also a bit of issue in getting the game to work properly on 27" iMacs, but Vlambeer is on the case and will be posting up a fix once they've figure out how to resolve the problem. For now you can get either version of Super Crate Box (or both) from Vlambeer's site.

Related: Freeware Game Pick: Super Game Box

Steam's Indie Clever Pack: Five Indie Games for Five Dollars

November 26, 2010 7:00 PM | Tim W.

Three down, three more to go. Steam's deal for the day is a pack of five games loosely based on their chosen theme: Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time, Eufloria, Iron Grip: Warlord, VVVVVV and 2D Boy's World of Goo are on sale as a promotion bundle for only $5. It is a recommended buy if you don't already own three of the five games in this collection, and there's twenty-two hours left to go before this deal expires.

Machinarium is also on sale for only $5 at Steam, although I can't really think of anyone who hadn't already bought the game if they wanted to before or during Amanita Design's Amnesty promotion.

Browser Game Pick: K.O.L.M. (Antony Lavelle)

November 26, 2010 9:00 AM | Tim W.

K.O.L.M. is a Metroid-like platformer in which you get to control a robot who is trying to escape from a maze, helped by the soothing voice of a mother who constantly feeds her son with encouragement and advice throughout his journey. Like other games of its ilk, K.O.L.M. also features plenty of robot upgrades, new abilities and collectibles that you can acquire to improve your chances of survival in this labyrinth of single-screen rooms.

Expect to do quite a bit of backtracking if you're planning to collect all upgrades and items to be found in each area, although it still won't take you more than an hour to discover everything that the game has to offer. There are also a couple of tricky sections that players should take note of; a certain underwater challenge requires the player to be really close to the edge of a platform to make a successful jump, and it's not really clear that you have to hold the jump button while hovering over a fan to reach a far greater vertical height in certain rooms.

Steam's Indie Story Pack: Five Indie Games for Five Dollars

November 25, 2010 8:00 PM | Tim W.

Anyone who missed out on the And Yet It Moves sale should probably consider getting this instead: Broken Rules' rotational platformer, Cryptic Sea's Gish, Brawsome's Jolly Rover, Telltale's Puzzle Agent (a favorite of mine) and Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale are all on sale in a single collection for only $5. Called the Indie Story Pack, this bundle is only on offer for the next twenty-one hours.

But don't go broke yet, there may yet be a new and worthwhile indie game promotion on Steam tomorrow..

Trailer: The Tiny Bang Story (Colibri Games)

November 25, 2010 7:00 PM | Tim W.

One of the entries in this year's IGF competition, The Tiny Bang Story is an upcoming point-and-click puzzler that is scheduled for a release on the Windows, Mac and iPad platforms in the first quarter of 2011. Unlike the earlier preview clip we've posted about, this video does showcase how the objects and environments in the game look like when animated.

The Tiny Bang Story is set to feature five chapters to play through, each with a handful of locations to visit and a collection of puzzles for the players to solve. Colibri Games has a Twitter account that you can follow to get the latest information on this Russian production, and if you're a Facebook member you can add them as a friend as well to view more media and screenshots of this gorgeous-looking project.

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