Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Edge Magazine: Best 20 Indie Games
"While the Indie Games store is in desperate need of intelligent curatorship, separating the service’s hidden gems from the ugly blunders and Avatar-powered cash-ins, there are now more than enough interesting titles on offer to justify a few hours’ mindless browsing."

Team Meat: You've got Headcrabs
"The Headcrab will be a playable character in Super Meat Boy, exclusive to Steam. We asked Valve about this almost half joking and they were totally down. Those of you wondering, the Steam version of Super Meat Boy's official release date is Nov. 30th."

GameSetWatch: Auditorium's PSN Port Features Double The Content, Move Support
"Publisher Zoo Games announced that its PSN port of Cipher Prime's iPhone/Flash puzzler Auditorium (which releases on November 23rd for $9.99) will include twice the content, as well as support for 3D and PlayStation Move."

BLENDO Games: Atom Zombie Smasher
"The only thing standing between peace and the zombie apocalypse is 90 million tons of Honest John baby nukes, 300 million tons of Vulcan-65 airstrike missiles, and a generous amount of napalm. From the developer of Gravity Bone, coming soon to PC and Mac."

Steam: Zen Bound 2
"Zen Bound 2 is now available on Steam (for the Mac and PC). Wrap your way to bliss in this unique down-tempo indie game."

Jay is Games: Echo Bazaar
"Write your own narrative in this fascinating multiplayer roleplaying browser game from Fail Better Games. Although dramatically different in tone and setting, Echo Bazaar is perhaps best compared to perennial favorite Kingdom of Loathing."

NYU Game Center: NYU Game Center Lecture Series
"Before the lecture, from 1 to 7PM, in the Game Center Open Library, you are invited to an exclusive hands-on Spy Party play session. As part of the lecture, Chris will be soliciting and discussing your feedback from this playtest."

Game People: Spy Party 360 Review
"Spy Party looks set to redefine the interactions we expect from the games we play. A knife edge blend of mind games and double bluff, it's a very different spying experience."