Really loving this, so much style! Commander - World 1 is a tower defense game for both PC and Xbox 360. Asteroids are approaching planets in your solar system, and you need to build huge guns on adjacent planets to shoot them down before they hit.

The paths of the asteroids are marked as a white dotted line, and over the course of each level the path's orbit changes, meaning that the direction of the asteroids is constantly changing. Not only that, but your planets are always moving too, so guns will sometimes be in the perfect position to destroy asteroids, and other times be nowhere near. It's a brilliant idea, and makes for some very challenging play.

The game oozes charm, with menus that look like a game in progress - the planets are the selections, while asteroids move around them and enter a black hole at the end - and there are plenty of levels to play through. The PC version costs $5 and is easily worth it, although if you have an Xbox it's probably best to pick it up there, as it's only 80 MS Points ($1). Jodi will be using the money he earns to fund World 2.

Make sure you at least check out the demo - if you're into your tower defense game, you'll most likely love this. Here's the PC version, and here's the Xbox.