I've played Firemint's Flight Control on a variety of platforms, from the iPhone to the Playstation Network, so I assumed playing this latest version, now on PC and Mac, was going to feel a little deflated. In fact, I'd say I had more fun with the PC version than I had with any of the past editions.

Flight Control HD is a game that requires complete focus, while still remaining relatively casual. Planes and helicopters fly in from the sides of the screen, and your task is to select them with your mouse and drag a flight-path to their appropriate runways. As more and more planes fly in, the screen fills up with planes, and just one in-air crash will end the game.

To say it's hectic stuff is an understatement. Even on the easier maps, your eyes will be darting all over the place making sure there are no accidents. Initially it all feels a little too simple in execution, but give it a little longer and suddenly it's three in the morning and oh god I can't stop playing. Games only last around five minutes in length, so it's perfect for jumping into and leaving whenever you want.

This PC version features its own online leaderboards, along with ranks depending on how many planes you manage to land. Then you've got Steam achievements and nine maps, including a brand new 'Stunt' map which sees you weaving planes in and out of cones before landing on the runway.

If you've played the game to death before on another platform, I would honestly consider checking this one out too - controlling the action with the mouse is by far the best scheme I've seen for the game, and whenever I lost, I always felt that it was entirely my fault, rather than the controls.

Flight Control HD is available to grab from Steam for a mere $5/£3 right now.