indiegames.PNGPodcast number 10, eh - where does the time go! As we enter double digits, we're still talking to the best indie developers we can coax onto the microphone - this week we have Sophie Houlden, the developer behind the likes of The Linear RPG, Boxgame and Fib.

We talk to Sophie about living in The House of Indie with Stephen Lavelle and Terry Cavanagh, and also about her latest project Lottie's Dungeon. Of course, we also go off on various tangents and ask very silly questions and such, because we're just a bit mental like that. Readers' questions feature at the end too!

Jump below the cut to listen to the podcast in its entirety, or head over to the dedicated podcast page and listen to it there. It's also available to download from iTunes if you're an iPodder. You can subscribe to the RSS feed too and receive notification direct to your Google Reader or other such news gobblers.

Podcast Links

Sophie Houlden
Sophie's blog
Sophie on Twitter

Lottie's Dungeon

Hayden Scott-Baron aka Dock
Stephen Lavelle aka increpare
Terry Cavanagh aka Distractionware

Indie Kombat: Sophie vs Arthur vs Chevy

SoulEye provided the excellent intro/outro music - you should check his stuff out!