indiegames.PNGIt's podcast time! With the announcement regarding the Xbox Live Indie Games Winter Uprising last week, we wanted to know more - so we grabbed a couple of the organisers and had words with them on the ol' podcast. Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games and Luke Schneider of Radiangames were all too willing to divulge all the details.

Before we got the scoop, however, we talked to each of them in depth about their games, what we can expect from them in the future and what they truly think of the Xbox Live Indie Games service. Both are of course highly respected XBLIG developers, so we were more than willing to hear out their opinions about what could be done to remove the stigma from the XBLIG service.

As always, you have a number of options: Jump below the cut to listen to the podcast right now - or perhaps you'd like to head over here and listen to it instead. Are you more of an iTunes sorta person? You can find every episode of the podcast on iTunes too. Finally, we have an RSS feed you can subscribe too. Huzzah!

Podcast Links

Robert Boyd - Zeboyd Games
Luke Schneider - Radiangames

Indie Games Winter Uprising

Soulcaster 2
Cthulhu Saves the World
Radiangames Crossfire 2
Chu's Dynasty
Alpha Squad
Epic Dungeon
Break Limit
Decimation X3
Asteroids Do Concern Me
Hypership Out of Control (Update)
Aphelion Episode Two: Wings of Omega
ZP2KX: Zombies & Pterodactyls!
Rickenbacker vs. the Aliens

SoulEye provided the intro/outro music! You should check his stuff out!