Fellow editor Jeriaska has a new project in the works, and he needs your help to get it funded. Videogame Music in Context: The DVD Interview Series is a collection of interviews with prominent game designers and composers in Japan, all fully translated to English (via subtitles) and split between two separate DVDs. The first disc features interviews with industry veterans like Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill), but the second DVD will contain interviews with indie game developers and composers like Daisuke Amaya (Cave Story), Dan Paladin (Castle Crashers), Baiyon (PixelJunk series), Nigoro (La-Mulana) and more.

This project also includes recording of live performances by Nullsleep and friends from the 2010 Collapsed Desires Tour on an extra DVD, plus the original and arrange soundtrack album to locomalito's Hydorah on two compact discs. A comprehensive list of developers and composers featured in this series can be found at the Videogame Music in Context's Kickstarter page.