Yes yes I know, two Minecraft posts in two days, so feel free to troll - but this is most definitely worth mentioning. Today the Survival Multiplayer Mode (SMP) in Minecraft was given a huge update, implementing a whole host of features that MC players have been pined for.

The main new feature is that health now works in multiplayer - not only will you be able to get hurt, but you'll also be able to attack monsters, animals, and even other players. There are plenty of other smaller updates too, fixing bugs and implementing fall damage. Should now make multiplayer even more fun! Check this post to see the full list of what has been updated (apparently everything on this list is now done).

A number of users have mentioned that the update is breaking certain other parts of the game for them, but as always Notch is constantly on the case, so expect to see the update fully working by the end of the day.