If you listened to this week's IndieGames podcast, you'll have heard us talking about an IGF entry called Bitejacker - a zombie survival shooter based on the indie gaming show Bytejacker. There were barely any details available, and we wanted answers!

Then this trailer popped up yesterday and I decided enough was enough! It was time to get in touch with Anthony Carboni, host of Bytejacker, and threaten him until he told us everything we needed to know... although it quickly became apparent that the whole threatening bit wasn't entirely necessary. In fact, he was more than happy to talk about the game. Funny that!

"Bitejacker was totally conceived by Ray Teo" Anthony told us. "You're probably familiar with his other stuff, like Tobe's Vertical Adventure. I just opened my inbox one day to some amazingly beautiful screenshots and said 'yes.'"

Bitejacker's story goes something like this: Anthony and Jon are shooting the latest Bytejacker show, when some zombies burst onto the roof and all hell breaks loose. The guys then become trapped in a Groundhog Day style loop, where they must replay the same ten days over and over until they've managed to fulfil certain requirements, unleash new monsters and kill some big, nasty bosses.

"Ray wrote the story and developed the game, I wrote the dialogue, and Jon and I completely voice our characters" says Anthony. "Ray's got a really amazing attention to detail and a great ability to build worlds. He just synced into our sense of humor immediately - there's so much of the show's personality in it. He's also great with engaging gameplay, and there's just a ton of clever and addictive stuff in there."


There is indeed so much more to this game than first meets the eye. There are oodles of upgradeable achievements to unlock, new weapons to grab, enemies to discover, people to save, zombies to shoot, scenery to blow up, money to collect... and perhaps best of all, plenty on indie cameos make an appearance, although I won't go too much into that - I don't want to spoil everything!

The game is pretty much ready to play now - Raymond is in the process of adding a couple of extra modes and balancing the gameplay slightly - so hopefully we'll see it popping up in a browser near you sometime very soon.