With the full roster of secret characters finally announced - the last character is Naija from Aquaria - we can finally reveal the winners of our big Super Meat Boy PC competition. We had over 500 guesses, and the following readers were picked at random to win a copy of Super Meat Boy for the PC each:

Brian - guessed RunMan
Shiv - guessed Viridian from VVVVVV
Q - guessed a Goo Ball
Nightmare - guessed Josef from Machinarium
elZorro - guessed Naija from Aquaria
Julian - guessed a Head Crab (and was in fact the only person who did!)

Congrats to the winners - we'll be forwarding your details on to Team Meat. For everyone else, thanks for taking part, and don't forget you can still pre-order the game for 33% off!