If you're an Indie Games podcast listener, you may have noticed a lack of podcastery this week. We did in fact record a podcast with the four gentlemen that make up Hello Games. It was magnificent! Secrets were divulged! Jolly laughs were had! That was, until the podcast came to an end, and the recorder spurted out... nothing.

It's every podcaster's nightmare, and I spent the next hour storming about the place proclaiming 'ARG' and 'GRAH'. In fact, I've only really just got over it now, and have decided not to let all the effort go to waste. Hence, both myself and Tim tried to remember as many interesting points and revelations made during the podcast as we possibly could, and I'm now here to present you with 'The Missing Podcast'.

Below the jump, we've pieced together words muttered by Sean, Grant, Ryan and David during our 90 minute interview, including the scoop on Joe Danger 2, Joe's middle name and the absence of jelly.

1. Although they didn't officially confirm it, the guys said that Joe Danger 2 is pretty much a certainty. They really enjoyed developing the original, and there were plenty of ideas that were left on the cutting room floor which they'd like to play around with for a sequel. It won't be their next game, but sometime in the future they definitely want to make it happen.

2. Of all the features that they worked on for Joe Danger that eventually didn't make it into the final game, their collective favourite was jelly. Apparently they worked on getting fluid jelly physics working in the game for a good while before eventually realising that it didn't really serve a purpose.

3. They chose the name Joe Danger because it just sounds perfect - Joe Danger couldn't really be the name for anyone else other than someone who is a stuntman. Joe's middle name is also Danger, which obviously led to 'my middle name is Danger' jokes. When asked what Joe's real name is (i.e. not a stage name), they were all quite taken aback and said they hadn't been asked that before. This is what we do at IndieGames - we ask the questions that matter.

4. The inspiration for Joe Danger was mainly from playing with toy bikes, and firing them around tiny tracks in the office. The guys were also heavily inspired by lots of different arcade games, which can be seen in the names of each Joe Danger level.

5. If Joe Danger were made into a live-action movie, Hello Games would want Steven Seagal to play the part of Joe.

6. Their next game will be out in 2012 (although we kinda forced them to give an answer).

7. 3nd is pronounced 'Thund'. 3nd will feature in every game from now on.

8. Anagrams of Joe Danger include 'Earned Jog', 'Jar on Edge' and 'Jeer a Dong'.

Reader TigersHungry also asked the guys to sing an a capella version of the Joe Danger theme tune, and they did - in fact, they even sang the show out. That's how gutted we feel.